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What are your prices?

All prices are listed on our book online page. 


Do you do drop in or appointment only for piercing?

Due to covid, we are currently appointment only for piercing. Appointments can be made in the booking section. Jewelry sales and changes are on a first come,first served basis when space is available. 

Do you charge for jewelry changes?

Jewelry changes are free of charge regardless if the new jewelry or piercing is from us or not. We will not install jewelry that is of poor quality or material. Jewelry changes etc are on a walk in only basis.

What is your age policy?

Most basic piercings are 14+ with parent present and 16+ without. This excludes "bathing suit area" piercings,surface and large gauge. Those are 18+. If you aren't sure where you fit into our policy, feel free to call or drop in!

Photo ID is required (from both parent and child for those under 16). Acceptable forms of ID are :  Driver's license, school card along with care card or birth certificate , passport, bcid or status card. Photo must be recent.  No photocopies or pictures will be accepted. 

Can I bring in my own jewelry?

Yes, we will pierce with your jewelry as long as it is of suitable quality and appropriate for the piercing desired. 

Do you still offer tattooing?

No,we are not currently offering tattooing. While we have had many talented artists work with us on and off over the years, we have always been a piercing studio first and foremost.

What type of payment do you accept?

Cash,debit and most major credit cards. Hell, we'll take your gramma's dentures if there be gold in that shit!

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