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                                                                  SOME BASIC RULES

- Do not touch your piercing,play with it ,or let anyone else do so.....seriously. Ever.

-NO bathtubs,hot tubs or swimming pools for at least the first four weeks after your piercing.

-Do not rotate,spin or remove your jewelry during the healing period. It's unnecessary and will damage your piercing.

-Wash and change bedding frequently. Keep your pets off the bed.

-Make sure any clothing that touches your piercing is clean,breathable,non fibrous and non snagging.

-Do not get any fluids on it but your own. It is an open wound in regards to things like HIV etc.

-Continue your aftercare for the full time suggested. Just because it feels healed does not mean it is. Keep it up. You may even need to go longer, This is easily the most common cause of problems. To be blunt,if you don't take care of it then it will not heal.



- Getting your piercing wet throughout your shower is fine. This will help soften any discharge on your piercing and make it easier to remove. Avoid getting soaps and shampoos on your piercings. Clean them right before you get out of your shower so as not to get them dirty once they've been cleaned.

-Wash your hands before you ever touch your piercing. Do not use soaps on the piercing itself.

-Using a clean Q-tip and warm water,remove any discharge from either side of your piercing.

-In a clean cup make a mixture of 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt per cup of warm water. Not epsom salts or table salts.It is easily available at grocery  and bulk food stores You can mix four teaspoons into a 4 litre jug of distilled water as well to make things easier. Be sure to shake it well before each use. Heat the mixture up to a good temperature. Obviously not so it will burn you hot. As hot as you can make it and comfortably soak your piercing directly into it. No wincing etc. Do this five minutes minimum,twice daily for the full healing period. If you find soaking in a cup difficult,a clean facecloth soaked in the mixture held to your piercing can work as well. Do not use cotton balls ,paper towel etc. 

-Rinse the piercing with fresh water afterwards.

-For threaded jewelry you will need to tighten the beads at least a couple of times a day at first. Doing this after cleaning with washed hands is best. 

-WE DO NOT SUGGEST SALINE SPRAYS AS YOUR PRIMARY SOURCE FOR AFTERCARE. We find them ineffective, expensive and bad for the environment. 

                                                                      ORAL PIERCINGS

-Every time you eat,drink,smoke or anything goes in your mouth besides water ,rinse with antiseptic mouthwash diluted 50/50 with water.  Full strength is too strong and can burn. You can used the sea salt mixture explained above as well.

-Swelling is normal. Swelling usually peaks at four days to a week and slowly goes down from there. Ibuprophen for the first few days can help ease the swelling. Avoid hot,spicy or acidic foods for the first four weeks. Do not starve yourself or go on a liquid diet. The healthier you are the faster you will heal. The bar will be long at first. It can be shortened in 4 weeks if all is healing well.

-No wet kissing,oral contact or alcohol for at least the first four weeks.  This can cause swelling,bleeding,infection and make your piercing very sore and unhappy. It is also an open wound  in regards to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and HEP C

-For your  tongue piercing gently suck on ice for the first two weeks as often as you can. When you brush your teeth scrub your tongue lightly as well. A brownish discharge on your tongue is normal. Wipe the bottom ball with gauze as it tends to collect plaque. Not the sexiest thing going.  Keep your tongue in your mouth,talk the least amount possible, and do not play with it. Be careful talking and eating. Titanium vs your teeth.....titanium wins.  Tighten the beads with washed hands at least twice daily. 

                                                                 GENITAL PIERCINGS

-All piercings are an open channel to the bloodstream Abstain from sex for at least the first four weeks. Sexual contact during the healing period can be dangerous to both you and your partner. Exercise safe sex protocol and don your barrier of choice. Go easy on your new piercing- they will heal faster if you play nice. If you are into rough play,thicker jewelry may be a good idea. 

-It is normal for these piercings to bleed for the first few days. Prince Alberts in particular.  Ladies may want to wear a pad for for the first few days. Guys will want to wear a non-latex condom with no lubricant. Change it frequently and be clean about it. Leaving bloody condoms about will do little for your popularity.

-Don't be afraid to urinate. Urine is sterile to your own body and will actually help healing. Other people's urine...... Not so much. 


- Leave the bandage we place on continuously  for 6 nights.  After this you can remove the bandage and begin your aftercare. Wear small spot bandages at night for two weeks afterwards.

-Do not scrub hard at your piercings. If discharge does not want to come off easily,get it wet in your shower again or leave it until next cleaning. 

-How these heal and how long they will stay is completely dependent on how well they are taken care of initially. They are fussy and do not react well to being neglected.

                                            SOME TIPS WE HAVE LEARNED OVER THE YEARS

-Loofas and exfoliating scrubbers do not mix well with piercings. They will pull and tear. Avoid them

-With navel piercings,physical irritation is the most common cause of problems. No high waist pants and keeps belts away.  No crop tops. you are best to have your piercing covered. Do not sleep on it. This will cause the piercing to heal crooked. 


-With nipple piercings wearing a bra is at your discretion. Whatever you find most comfortable is best. Always make sure they are made of a breathable material. Wearing a bra or tighter undershirt at night to prevent snagging is a good idea.

-Taking proper care of your body,good night's sleep and a good diet will help the healing process.

-Avoid "expert" advice. Do not listen to your mom,friend,psychic advisor or random social media articles.We have been doing this far longer than they have. 

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